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Why September is a great time to find new students and how to do it

Hey Knowmad!

I have some good and bad news. The bad news is that summer is almost over! Time flies, doesn’t it? I hope you enjoyed, you rested and you are looking forward to boosting your online business because the good news is that September is a great time to do that.

There are two periods in the year when students are especially motivated to take up classes. One is after Christmas, starting the New Year, and the other one is after summer, the back-to-school period. People have rested and they are enthusiastic about accepting new challenges and achieving new goals. We, teachers, have to take advantage of that. Many people are thinking of learning a new language!

That’s why September is a great opportunity to start your business, to boost it or to find some more students.

The aim of this post is to provide you with some ideas in order to attract new clients.

Here we go:

  • Offer a few classes for FREE

I know, this might sound crazy to you and you’re probably thinking: “Free? But I need money!” Ok, if you need money urgently, this may not be the best idea (although I wouldn’t recommend you to start your business with 0 euros saved because you’ll need to invest one way or another).

I actually kind of started this way. While I was creating my website, I offered 5 classes for free to the first 5 students to join and I shared it with all my contacts. Four people joined and 2 of them stayed with me for more than a year. I think it was worth it!

At that time, I was designing my new brand, creating my own teaching materials, learning the basics on how to teach online and I was about to launch my project ELE Online Spanish. I wanted to start implementing what I was learning and creating in a relaxing way and, as I was doing it for free, there was not so much pressure.

It also made me feel motivated straight away and believe that what I wanted to do was possible. If I was able to attract my first students so quickly, that should be a sign that it was going to work.

In addition, I asked those first students to give me feedback and write recommendations in exchange for those free classes so when I published my website, I already had some reviews on it. They were all thankful for the free classes I had given them so they didn’t hesitate to help as well!

You can look at it as a period of internship, a trial period. That’s really what it is if you haven’t taught online before. You will feel more relaxed because you will be doing something for free and the students will be more understanding if you make mistakes.

special offers in September

  • Make discounts on the first purchase

Some people are still reluctant to buy online if they don’t know you and sometimes they need a little push. You can make a special offer on the first purchase for them to feel more relaxed to try. 20% 40%…

  • Create different class packs

You can offer different deals so that they can choose how much money to spend on their first purchase. I usually offer 5, 10 and 20 classes packs. The more classes they pay, the cheaper they get. In my case, they usually buy the biggest pack in order to save but I think having other options reassures them.

  • Offer discounts for groups

The more the merrier! More money for you, less for each of them. This works wonderfully when it comes to families, couples or students who can’t afford private lessons.

  • Offer discounts for those who take more than one class a week

Reward those who are taking many classes with you. I love those students who take 3, 4 or 5 classes a week. Imagine having just 5 of those. You wouldn’t need any more students! So treat them nicely and keep them with you.

  • Remind your current students to recommend you and offer them a reward if they get you new students

I offer a free class for both the current student and the newcomer so that one is happy to recommend and the other one to join.

Take great care of those students that are glad to recommend you, they are your brand ambassadors! People trust more a friend’s recommendation than a professional website owned by someone they don’t know.


  • Offer extra value

Include some extra value in the price. Use your imagination! Free weekly debates, masterclasses or group lessons, private student groups, a reading club, …

We all love to get a bonus when we buy something, it’s like a present for us. It will be one more reason for your potential students to hire you.

  • Share your offers

All this information should appear on your website. If you want to see how I’ve done it, click HERE to see my pricing page.

Create content for your social networks. Publish stories and posts to reach all your followers. Let them know about your great deals!

Let your subscribers know as well by sending them a newsletter.

And don’t forget to tell all your contacts!

  • Run Ads campaigns

If you have some money to invest in publicity, this is the perfect time to do it. Facebook or Instagram Ads are a good choice. If you’ve never done it by yourself, I’d recommend you to follow a course or hire a professional. Otherwise, you might waste your money.

facebook ads

  • Update your website

Apart from making offers, it’s also a good time to revise your web content, your message, your niche, your about page… Make the necessary adjustments and update information.

As you gain experience, your message will be clearer and you’ll be able to address your customers more efficiently.

Do you have any other great ideas to find students in September? Would you like to add anything to this list? I’d really love to hear what you have to say! Please share your experience leaving a comment. You will make me very happy:)

Finally, if you’ve found this post helpful, you can also help me reach more teachers by sharing it on your social networks. Thank you!

I've been teaching Spanish and English since 2010. I moved online in 2016 and since then I enjoy my job much more because I have more control of how I live and work. Now I want to share all my knowledge and experience to help others follow the same path so that they can become independent digital entrepreneurs.

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