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Free productivity training

If you are an online teacher and you're overwhelmed with all the tasks and roles you have to fulfil every day, this training course is for you.

I've created lots of FREE content intended to help you become more productive, achieve better results, regain control of your time and restore your work-life balance.

4 videos, support in a facebook group and many more tips and surprises by email. If you don't want to miss anything, please, subscribe.

Video 1: What you didn't know about productivity

Video 2: The 5 keys to becoming a successful productive teacher

Video 3: The ultimate planning system

Video 4: Accelerate your tasks and regain control of your time

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The training will take place the week 18th -25th September but I'll be sharing content during the whole month by email and social media. Subscribe and join us!

Who am I?

I've been teaching English and Spanish since 2010 face to face and online. I moved online full time in 2016 and soon I realised it wasn't so easy as it seemed.

At some point, I felt lost and overwhelmed with all the tasks I had to carry out. I began to stress and since I had already experienced burnout and anxiety in the past, I knew I had to do something before letting things get out of control.

It was then when I decided to invest time and money to become productive and that decision has changed my life and the way I work forever. Today I know that productivity is key to building both a successful business and a happy life.

I've come to learn that productivity is not about working as much as possible but it's about finding the right balance and creating your own personal systems that will allow you to be more efficient, confident and relaxed. It's the right combination of multiple efforts and improvements that will make an enormous impact on your performance at work and will ultimately transform your life.


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