Regain control of your time: accomplish more in less time, finish all your daily tasks and achieve all your goals.

Unlock your maximum potential and become an
extraordinary online teacher.

Is this you?

Are you overwhelmed with all the tasks and roles you have to fulfil every day as an online teacher? (Prepare lessons, give lessons, manage students, reply to emails, build a website, post on social media, attend events, issue invoices, keep learning about marketing, new tools, new software,…)

Do you feel frustrated at the end of the day when you realize you haven’t been able to accomplish all you wanted?

Are you exhausted, considering quitting, wondering if it’s worth all the effort and hard work?

Are you starting to feel you are not enjoying your lessons as much as you used to because you’re unmotivated, stressed and worn-out?

Are you bored and missing out on life because you’re spending too much time on the computer? Are you thinking this was a bad idea after all?

Are you ignoring your friends, your hobbies and having family problems because you can’t find the right balance since you’re always overworking and it’s hard for you to disconnect from work?

Are you feeling down, thinking you might not be made for this, comparing yourself to others and feeling inferior because you see you’re not able to achieve so much as them and you wonder how the hell they do it?


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, most teachers find themselves in the same situation.

I’ve been there too.

At the beginning of 2016 I went through an acute anxiety disorder due to overworking. As a result, I had to quit my job and it took me months to recover. It was the scariest time of my life. I didn’t know whether I was dying or going crazy.

I didn’t know if I would ever be able to work again. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t talk to people...Believe me, you don’t want to experience such burn-out.

When I recovered, I decided to start teaching online and soon I realised it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I had to work really hard again. I had to learn a lot of new things, build a website, do marketing, prepare and give lessons…

I started overworking again, feeling overwhelmed with so many tasks and thinking about giving up. I used to repeat the words ‘I don’t have time’ several times a day and, at some point, I was on the edge of divorce due in part to life imbalance.


I knew I had to do something. I really wanted to go on, pursue my dream, teach online, make a life out of it and enjoy all the benefits of working remotely.

I wanted to become one of those great entrepreneurs who seem to have control over everything so I looked into their habits, routines and mindset. Like them, I wanted to become more, better, faster. It was then that I decided to invest in learning how to become more productive.

And that investment changed my life. I regained control of my time, work and life!

And if I could do it, you can do it too.

Are you willing to improve? Are you committed to attaining your full power and achieve great heights? Then, keep reading because I have what you’re looking for!


Hi! My name is Elena and I’ve been a language teacher since 2010. I became an entrepreneur and moved completely online in 2016. I soon realised productivity was key to succeeding in the digital world.

The moment I started taking productivity seriously, I started accomplishing more in less time and achieving all my objectives.

Now I know how to plan and execute in order to attain what I want, I know how to simplify and focus on the real important tasks. I know how to identify and respect my priorities. I can teach you how to do everything faster and to stop wasting time in futilities and distractions.

I understand that my mind and body are the most important assets in my job so I take great care of myself.

I’ve become more organized, more proactive, more productive and, therefore, I think, a better person.

Accomplishing more in less time makes me feel proud of my achievements and allows me to have more quality time with friends and family. Therefore, I enjoy a happy work-life balance.

Hiking with my husband, Aboud, and my dog, Kairo.
Hiking with my husband, Aboud, and my dog, Kairo.

Now I want to share all these benefits with you. Combining all I’ve learned about productivity as an entrepreneur and what I’ve learned throughout my 10-year experience teaching face to face and online, I’ve designed a course that will help us all, teachers, level up.


Let me introduce you to PRODUCTIVE TEACHER, the course that will help you to:

teaching online

Achieve more in less time by accelerating your tasks.

online teacher

Stay motivated and focused


Plan and perform like a business executive.


Develop top habits like highly successful people.

teach online and reach more people

Network, collaborate and create great projects with other teachers.


And of course all this means: better health, more free time, more money, more happiness.

Here is what you will learn in this course:

Module 1. Accelerate your tasks.

  • Lesson 1. How to watch videos faster.
  • Lesson 2. How to prepare your classes much faster.
  • Lesson 3. How to adapt the same material to different students.
  • Lesson 4. How to create your own beautiful material easily.
  • Lesson 5. How to organise your material so that it is easier and faster to access.
  • Lesson 6. How to plan, create and programme content for your blog and social network sites.
  • Lesson 7. How to grow your audience faster.
  • Lesson 8. Different tools, resources and applications that will make your life easier and more productive.

Module 2. Increase your motivation.

  • Lesson 1. Find your purpose.
  • Lesson 2. Envision your dreams.
  • Lesson 3. Patience and presence.
  • Lesson 4. Keep inspired, motivated, positive and enthusiastic.
  • Lesson 5. Do networking and do it well.

Module 3. Achieve your objectives

  • Lesson 1. Create an Action Plan.
  • Lesson 2. How to implement your Action Plan: focus and time management.
  • Lesson 3. Review your progress and improve constantly.

Module 4. Build the greatest habits

  • Lesson 1. How to build a new habit
  • Lesson 2. The habits of highly successful people

Module 5. Prioritize

  • Lesson 1. A minimalist approach
  • Lesson 2. Simplify your work
  • Lesson 3. Simplify your life

WAIT! That's not all. I've also prepared these 3 extra bonuses for you:


The Productive Teacher's Club

A private Facebook group for all the students to ask doubts, share ideas, help each other and grow together.



You will be part of an accountability group to help you progress and make sure that you get things done.


Collaborative masterclasses

Extra lessons that will be added responding to your special requests. A space for experts in different topics to make presentations that can add value to the course. A space also for you to collaborate with the course and the community doing a workshop about something you’re good at.

Available now:

  • How to create a website by yourself step by step. (By Laia Moret)

And there's even more...

  • Lifetime access to the course and the community

    You can do the course at your own pace and revise it as many times as you like.

  • Support

    The community and I will be with you throughout the course and beyond. You will be able to solve all your doubts in the Club. The course will be hosted in Hotmart, a worldwide trustworthy and safe platform which also has a great support system.

  • Networking

    The opportunity to connect and collaborate with other great teachers and create amazing projects together.

  • Refund guarantee

    You don’t need to risk anything. Should you not like the course, I will return your money. I only want happy students. You have nothing to lose!

And having reached this point, you must be wondering about the price of the course, right?


Before I tell you, let me ask you a question: how much time and money do you think you're wasting EVERY WEEK for not having a clear productivity system?

Are you a perfectionist? Do you work on many projects at the same time? Is it difficult for you to focus? Do you get distracted all the time? Then you might be wasting from 2 to 6 hours PER DAY.

How much do you charge for an hour of your work? 15, 20, 30€?

In the best case, let's say you're only wasting 2 hours per day and you're only earning 15€ per hour.

That's 30€ per day, 150€ a week, 600€ a month!!! (and in the best case, remember?)

Now, how much do you think The Course that is going to help you stop wasting so much time and money should be worth?

The full value of this course is 497€, BUT the launching special price is only 297€ (TAX included)!

Yep. Just that. Half the money you're wasting every month.

And if you are one of the first 5 to enrol, you'll get 1 extra bonus for free: 1-hour consulting session with me.

Besides, remember it's a system that you'll be able to implement over and over again to accomplish all your personal and professional projects in life.

However, this offer will be available only for a few days until the 4th of October so tell me, do you want to stop wasting time and money? Are you going to take action? Do you want the extra bonus?


This is what my students say about the course:


Laia Moret

spanish teacher online

Natalia Salguero


Elena González

Highschool Economy teacher


David Rubinstein

Starting as an online teacher

And this is what other teachers say about me:


Verónica Davis

I booked a consulting session with Elena because I know she's an experienced teacher so I thought she would be perfect to help me with some doubts that I had about planning classes.

She was very patient and helpful. I also felt heard at all times and she patiently guided me through the process she uses before, during and after the class.

I have to highlight that she showed me other tools to be more productive and organized, which I truly appreciate.

Now I feel more confident, so I can say that from this session I got peace in mind, and I'm creating a more organized and practical system for my planning sessions.


Estefanía Quevedo

I had a consulting session with Elena and she helped me put my business back on track by giving me a guideline on how to organize my ideas and redefine my niche. I really recommend her!


Vicente Rodríguez

I met Elena in person in Valencia, where she was one of the speakers at a Spanish Teachers Conference (organized by ProfeDeEle).
I was amazed how talented Elena is. During her conference I also realized that she is really goal-oriented and we talked about her “Knowmad Teacher” project and it seems to me the perfect tool to start your own business if you want to teach in the online world


Lack of productivity may well be the reason why you’re not succeeding as an online teacher and it’s surely what’s restraining your full potential.

  • Are you ready to embrace constant self improvement?

    Imagine having a clearer mind and being in perfect health. Therefore, feeling more positive and focused.

  • Are you willing to commit to your excellence?

    Imagine yourself achieving great things, setting an example for other teachers.

  • Are you ready to unleash your full potential?

    Imagine having the life you are dreaming of.

  • Are you willing to pursue and fulfill your dreams?


    If your answer is yes, if you are ready to raise your game, then I’m looking forward to helping you!


So let me ask you again,

Do you wish to transform into a productive and successful online teacher? You could soon start achieving greater results in much less time!

Remember everything you will be able to do in this course:

  • You will learn how to accelerate your tasks so that you can attain more in less time.
  • You will become more organized, motivated and proactive.
  • Your blog and social network strategies will be more efficient.
  • You will visualize, plan and achieve all your goals.
  • You will acquire the same habits highly successful people have.
  • To sum up: you will become a better person and an extraordinary teacher.

Five modules

  1. Accelerate your tasks
  2. Increase your motivation
  3. Achieve your objectives
  4. Improve your health
  5. Prioritize

Three bonuses

  1. Productive Teachers’ Club.
  2. Mastermind groups.
  3. Masterclasses.

+Lifetime access
+Refund guarantee

So tell me, do you wish to unlock your maximum potential as an online teacher?



Got any more questions?


Can I help you with anything else? Contact me:
I’ll be happy to help. Let’s talk!

Everything clear and looking forward to becoming part of the most proactive teachers' community? Great! Just press the button and see you inside!

Oh! You're still doubting because...

"I don't have time for this course now, I'm doing many courses and other things at the same time. It's not the right moment."

Well, for what you're saying, I think it's actually just the right moment! This course will help you to organize your tasks and objectives better so that you start accomplishing more in a shorter time. 

Besides, you can take advantage of the discount now and start the course when is most convenient for you because you will have lifetime access to it.

Therefore, you will be able to start when you want, do it at your own pace and go back to it as many times as you like.

"I don't have enough money now."

Have you read the part where I talk about the discount? It's only 297€!

However, I know sometimes even these amounts are too much so you can pay in 2 or 3 times! I couldn't make it easier for you.

What's more, I think if you can't afford to invest this little money in your business right now, I assume something is going terribly wrong...You'd better do something to help your finances!

Investing in this training is going to help you become more productive, which means that you will earn more money more quickly.

"I don't know if it's the right course for me or if I will like it."

If you want to improve as a person, teacher and entrepreneur and if you want to achieve your goals, I'd be surprised if you didn't like the course.

However, you can buy the course at no risk because you have a total money-back guarantee. 

If after a month you decide this course is not for you, I will give you back your money. That easy. That simple.

Do you ever say these things?

"I don't have time for anything...", "I don't have money...", "I'm exhausted...", "I'm feeling low...", "I'm working too much..."

The way I see it, when we complain constantly about something, it means it’s time to make a choice: you either quit or adjust. So tell me, what’s it gonna be? Are you going to give up or are you going to transform into a better person, teacher and entrepreneur?