In Knowmad Teacher I want to help others to become succesful digital entrepreneurs
by sharing my knowledge and my own experience teaching online.

You are in the right place if:
  • you are a teacher and would like to move online
  • you are not a teacher but you would like to try teaching as a new job
  • you are a teacher and you love what you do but you are not happy about the place where you work, with whom you work, who you work for, your salary, your schedule, ...
  • you would like to have your own independent business
  • you would like to be able to choose your timetable, your holidays, your days off, your students, your methodology, your income...
  • you would like to be creative and grow personally and professionally
  • you would like to work from home, a coworking, while travelling, on the beach...


A world where more and more people fulfil their dreams, have a job that they love and feel free, happy and satisfied.
I want to do my bit and help teachers develop their own projects so that they can be more independent and enjoy what they do.


I will frequently create content to inspire you, guide you and teach you by sharing everything I know.
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All you need to start your own journey as an online teacher is a computer and your first student.
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My name is Elena García, I'm from Spain and I've been teaching Spanish and English since 2010.

In 2016 I moved online and since then I enjoy what I do much more. I love working from home, being able to work while I travel and choosing my holidays.

These last years have been extremely exciting, I've learned so much, I've grown personally and professionally, I've met really interesting people and I've had so much fun!

Now I'd like to help others to move online as well so that they can enjoy teaching as much as I do by becoming independent digital entrepreneurs.


I've been inspired by the book Knowmad Society by John W. Moravec and its definition of a knowmad:

a nomadic knowledge worker-that is, a creative, imaginative, and innovative person who can work with almost anybody, anytime, and anywhere. Industrial society is giving way to knowledge and innovation work.Whereas industrialization required people to settle in one place to perform a very specific role or function, the jobs associated with knowledge and information workers have become much less specific concerning tasks and place. Moreover, technologies allow for this new paradigm workers to work within broader options of space, including "real," virtual, or blended. Knowmads can instantly reconfigure and recontextualize their work environments, and greater mobility is creating new opportunities. (Moravec, 2008)

So, basically, these are the skills knowmad teachers should acquire and develop:
  • They are not restricted by age
  • They are non-stop learners
  • They purposesively use new technologies
  • They are collaborative people
  • They like sharing
  • They are not afraid of failure
  • They are creative and like to experiment
  • They dream big and work to fulfil their vision
  • They are able to work anywhere, with anyone and in different contexts
The world needs more knowmad teachers, would you like to be one of us?