15 reasons why I love teaching online

Can you imagine working while travelling or while visiting your family or a friend, being able to choose your days off, which days to work and at which times?

Since the day I started teaching online, there are many things for which I feel extremely thankful every day.

Today I would like to share them with you in an attempt to inspire you and so that you know what you could benefit from if you moved online.

This is my TOP list:

1. Being my own boss.

I no longer feel the stress of having someone on top of me giving me orders, telling me what to do and how. Now I do things my way, I take my own decisions. I may make the wrong decisions sometimes but I learn a lot from all of them and I like the feeling of being independent.

As kind and friendly as your boss might be, he or she is still your boss and you will always make an effort to please them, you will be somehow afraid of making mistakes because you will be scared deep inside of being fired or not being appreciated at work.

In addition, being my own boss allows me to choose my students, timetable, holidays, salary and methodology, which are great advantages and deserve to be talked about separately.

I am my own boss
I am my own boss

2. I can choose and arrange my schedule at my best convenience.

Although I like to be quite flexible with my students, I can always decide when to work and when not to. I can always decide which days and which times I’ll work.

I can also take a day off if I don’t fancy working or if I don’t feel well.

I remember those days when I was sick and I had to go to work, some days even hoarse or completely voiceless (what?? how??) Yes, my boss wouldn’t let me go on sick leave unless I was almost dying. A terrible headache, the flu or a cold were the same as nothing to him and I had to continue teaching.

Now I can just stop working whenever I want to and it feels absolutely great when I do it.

3. I can decide whom I teach.

I worked for many years in the past teaching kids. Some groups were lovely, full of little, tiny, cute and thankful creatures. Some others were full of little, tiny monsters that made my life impossible.

Please, if you are a parent, don’t force your children to learn something they don’t want to learn. Think of the poor teacher that will have to waste tonnes of energy trying to convince them and entertain them.

When I moved online, I decided to teach adults only. I don’t want to convince anybody to learn, I want to teach anybody who really wants to learn. This way I feel much more appreciated.

Don’t take me wrong. I’m not trying to say that teaching kids is a bad thing, not at all. I’m just saying that it’s not my cup of tea. If you like to teach kids, you can still teach them online.

Maybe you are living the opposite situation, maybe you’re teaching adults but you would like to teach kids. When you create your own online school, you will have the power to choose.

4. I can decide how I teach.

I decide which books to use, which materials, which methodology, etc. This makes me enjoy what I do. I’m free to experiment, to create, to try, to implement…

I used to work in a place where they would use the same ugly photocopies for years and very old-fashioned methods with which I didn’t agree but I had to comply with.

Now I decide how I teach and those who like my methodology stay with me and really enjoy while learning.

5. I can decide when I take holidays.

This is so great! I can decide whether to take a complete month off or 5 days off every month, for instance. I never miss any event I really wanna go to. I can take long weekends or work at the weekend and have some weekdays off.

This year I’ve been travelling once a month for 5 or 6 days. This way I disconnect a bit more often and my students don’t notice.

Freedom to choose

6. I choose my salary.

I have to admit that before teaching online I was very well paid in most of my jobs. However, mine was an exceptional case, at least in Spain.

Most private academies pay 8 euros per hour and teachers work many hours a day. The girl that comes to clean my house earns more than that!

I don’t know why the situation is so bad. Teachers are not very well appreciated in Spain. This is really wrong.

And even though I was getting good money, I was still earning less than now. When I moved online, I chose the amount I thought was fair based on my experience, qualifications and class value.

Now I feel more motivated to prepare better classes because I feel fairly paid.

7. I can be creative.

I love this one. Since I started, I’ve been learning many new things and I’ve had to do a lot of things on my own. I had to design my website, my logo, my brand, my materials, my social network content. All this keeps my mind busy weighing options, coming up with ideas, considering new ways…

I sometimes don’t know how I’m going to do something, I just have an idea and bit by bit it turns into something else. I really enjoy the process and I feel proud when I finish tasks.

When you work independently, ideas are constantly coming to your mind. You just have to choose one at a time and work on it to develop it and turn it into a reality. Everything is possible. You just have to try.

8. I can grow unlimitedly.

This one is among my favourite ones too. When you work for yourself, you make much more effort to get things done as beautifully as possible. You never want to stop learning and improving. Therefore, you evolve faster.

You grow professionally but also personally because you try to become more productive and efficient every day. You also want to stay motivated and focused so you start taking better care of your body and mind.

There are so many ways you can grow as an online teacher. Apart from giving classes, you can create and sell material to other teachers, you can organize events offline and online, you can offer different services, you can create online courses for your students, etc.

As I said earlier on, any idea can be made a reality, you just have to work to develop it and get it done. Just grow in the direction that motivates you the most.

9. I can live where I want.

This is probably one of the most obvious advantages. Yes, you can! You really can! Just don’t choose a place with a poor internet connection.

I started teaching online when I was living in a city called Alicante. Then my husband found a job in Barcelona and I could move with him without having to leave my job or my students. That felt awesome! My job was coming with me in my suitcase.

travel and work
Travel and work

10. I can work where I want.

At home, in a co-working, in a café, in the park, on the beach, on the bed, on the sofa, in someone else’s house…

I personally prefer to work at home. No need to commute! I have a spare room that I use as my office.

I sometimes work outside home but it’s in my office where I best concentrate and I am most productive because nothing and nobody distracts me.

So, I’m not a fan of working outdoors such as in parks or on the beach, but if you are, you should know that it’s possible.

11. I can visit friends and family for as long as I want.

My mum and my younger sister live in a village in the south of Spain. My dad in another village. My elder sister in London. I have very good friends living in different cities in Spain, Europe and beyond.

Now it’s easier to visit all of them and stay with them as much as I like. I can work in their homes. I just need Wi-Fi.

12. I don’t have to get dressed (at least not completely).

I love working barefoot in summer or with a blanket on my lap in winter. It takes me less than 5 minutes to get ready for a class, I just put on a nice top, fix my hair a bit, grab a glass of water and I’m ready.

13. I can spend more time with my dog.

I have to say that I was already working online when I adopted my dog but I’m well aware of the advantage of being able to spend the whole day with him.

I actually think having a dog is a very useful tool for online teachers. They take you out for a couple of necessary walks a day and keep you company.

14. I have a more familiar relationship with students.

Some people think learning or teaching online is something cold and distant. Well, I think the opposite!

When you teach online, you enter your student’s house. They introduce you to their family, kids and pets. Sometimes they have the class in pyjamas, having breakfast, with wet hair just showered…

They are always in their comfort zone and they become more vulnerable and human. You become a friend, a confidant, even a psychologist sometimes.

I am teaching people I used to teach offline before and our relationship has changed from quite formal to really close.

15. I meet really interesting people.

Imagine being able to meet that blogger you’ve been following for months or someone whose book you’ve just read and has inspired you. I’ve met many of these people in the last years.

Also, I’ve met really active people with fresh and innovative ideas, bloggers who write about topics I like, other online teachers like me and many different digital entrepreneurs.

So, what do you think about my top list? Amazing, right? I really hope many more people will be able to enjoy all these advantages in the future.

Now, I’ve got some questions for you:

Are you considering teaching online? Which advantages do you think you would most enjoy?

Are you already working online? What do you like most about it? Is there anything you would like to add to this list?

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I've been teaching Spanish and English since 2010. I moved online in 2016 and since then I enjoy my job much more because I have more control of how I live and work. Now I want to share all my knowledge and experience to help others follow the same path so that they can become independent digital entrepreneurs.

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