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All you need to start your journey as an online teacher is a computer and your first student.

When I started my own journey, I didn't have a clue where to begin looking for clients. That's why I've written this e-book; for people who are starting or exploring new ways to get students. You'll find 15 really effective strategies that are very easy to implement.

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About the author

I've been teaching English and Spanish since 2010 face to face and online. I moved online full time in 2016 and I enjoy teaching much more since then because I am more independent and I have more control of how I live and work.

I love travelling and my current job allows me to do it whenever I want or even work and travel at the same time. I can live anywhere I please. I can choose my fees, my students, my methodology, my schedule, my holidays...

I have a job that I love and which motivates me to get up happily every day. It allows me to connect and collaborate with really interesting people. It allows me to dream big, create and grow endlessly.


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